Premium Residential Course

7 Days 1-1 Training with the World's Best Pick Up Artists

In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup. My friend, drop all of your preconceived ideas about pick up and be neutral. Do you know why this cup is so useful? because it's empty.

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I know what it is like to be single. I also know how frustrating it can be spending hours and hours looking at porn. I'd sweat when I talk, get shy and embarrassed when people were watching me and so I'd distract myself. Yes with porn, but also video games, DVD's, my guitar and sport too. I was socially awkward.

Although at the time I definitely wouldn't have labelled myself as socially awkward. I had a million and one different reasons why I had few friends and couldn't seem to get a girlfriend. People were jerks, everyone was out to get me, I had bad parents, girls were secretly attracted to me but were too shy to show it.

Despite these justifications, deep down, I felt like I wasn't reaching my potential. Perhaps even that something was wrong with me.

I also had a pretty poor self image, I didn't like my teeth so I'd never smile. My eyes go small and look Chinese. I was also three stone overweight. I'd try and cover that up by wearing big baggy fleeces. Yes you get the picture, I was quite the stud muffin! This is what lead me to make this PUA Residential Course the best pick up course in the world!

I respect that you might not be coming from the same place I was and that is totally cool. I was pretty messed up. Maybe you can identify with just a couple of those points though. What affects you the most? Loneliness? Frustration? Sadness? Being Un-Loved? Missed Opportunities?

Now instead, imagine removing all of those negative emotions forever:-

pua residential trainingHow would it make you feel having a hot girlfriend that loves you?

How would it make you feel to be able to go out and pick up a cute girl every night?

How would it make you feel to have a threesome with two girls that have massive boobs?

What about being able to impress your friends with your new pick up skill set?

How would it feel to never get socially awkward again?


The Premium PUA Residential Dojo Course is the most fun and complete pick up course that money can buy. The best pick up trainers in the world will help transform you over the course of a week. You notice how I said the "best" and did not add "probably the" or "some of the". Pick Up is our bread and butter, our instructors are not doing this as a hobby. Getting student transformations are our full-time jobs. Our instructors have more teaching experience than any other company in the UK, fact.


That said, this training might not be for you. If you are on a tight budget, unable to take a week off, or aren't willing to put any effort in then you are probably better off leaving this page now. This course is for only of those of you who are serious about getting your dating lives handled forever.


This is a seven day PUA Residential Course with over seventy five hours of pick up training. On average seventy five percent of your time will be spent infield approaching. We teach you everything that you need to learn in order to give you a fantastic natural pick up skill set. These skills and natural confidence will allow you to attract women all of the time and have a complete abundance for the rest of your life. Typical student results over the seven days are ten plus number closes, many kiss closes and students will regularly take different women back to their hotel room. Our follow up feedback is even more amazing, we get emails from residential course attendees saying how they got a hot girlfriend shortly after completing their training. It will be lots of fun and you must be willing to put a bit of hard work in but man will it be worth it!


The Premium PUA Residential Dojo Course will take off, on average, five years from your natural learning curve if you were to try figure this stuff out on your own. We will teach you every aspect of game and then take you out into field, hold your hand, wing and demo until you can implement it yourself. In this course we teach you what will specifically work for you.

By the end of the PUA Residential you will have developed a style of pick up that is unique to you and your personality.

After you've destroyed every last sticking point.

After you've perfected your approach.

After you've learned all our secrets to having complete consistency with beautiful women.

Imagine how good you could be, and double that. This is how good you're going to get.


Most guys don't spend 12 hours working on this stuff in a lifetime.

You aren't like them though.

You will be one of the few, one willing to step up, one of the masters.

And most importantly....

You'll never have to "settle" for what you can get ever again.

A man who never feels powerless, you will have ULTIMATE choice.

Being great with women is a completely learnable skill.

This is a skill that most guys would kill for.

And it's going to be yours when you go through this PUA Residential Course.