PUA Method Instructor

(Location: London)

(When: Weekends)


PUA Method instructor live all-year-round program designed to massively improve students game by creating the best possible environment to learn and improve. PUA Method Instructors are responsible for creating that atmosphere and setting a high bar for clients to strive towards. An ideal candidate is someone who is already successful with women and and is enthusiastic about transferring pickup skills to others.


Game with clients in a variety of environments (daygame, clubs, lobbies, etc) and keep them engaged with the program

Be present and willing to assist with training for an average of 10 hours each weekend.

Lead debriefs at the end of the night

Join in and add to a positive vibe at community events


At least 21 years of age

Living in or close to London

Contribute to a positive, outgoing, friendly atmosphere

Quality game that they can demonstrate and explain to students

Strong drive to take their own game to the next level

Authentic desire to help others improve

Effectively wing with students of all skill levels

Be familiar with PUA Method content and able to communicate it effectively

Able to be filmed and write content for the blog

** Please email your name, age and experience to kingy(at)puamethod.com and a member of our team will process your application shortly.

Sales Associate

(Location: Anywhere)


On the front line of personal 1:1 contact with potential customers. You help them get clarity on which online product, event or training program will most suit their particular needs, based on an understanding of their goals, sticking points and current situation.


You will be required to quickly & efficiently respond to incoming emails, live chats and calls, and direct customers & prospects appropriately to the best resource for their issue, or schedule a consultation call to go into more depth with them regarding live training.

You will have ongoing calls to do to make certain customers aware of various events or trainings that are happening in their area

You will have post-event and post-webinar calls to fill prospects in and help them decide if a particular training program could benefit them

You love talking to people, finding out what makes them tick, asking good questions, really listening and being present, and have an enthusiasm for psychology and understanding why and how people make decisions.

You uphold unassailable levels of honesty and ethics. You would never try to sell someone anything you didn’t genuinely believe would benefit them, or make them purchase something that would bankrupt them, just for the sake of making a bit of extra commission for yourself.


The position starts at commission-only at 15% with a maximum payout of £700 per individual sale. Depending on how much you sell, this has netted our existing salespeople as much as £4,000 per month on commissions alone. If you perform very well for at least 6 months - 1 year, we can discuss adding a base salary on top of commissions.

Do NOT apply for this role if your ultimate goal is to be a coach, apply for this job because you want THIS job!

** Please email your name, age and experience to kingy(at)puamethod.com and a member of our team will process your application shortly.