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Studys have shown; that female instructors and really good looking male instructors, just don't understand what it takes for a man to learn the skills to become a master at picking up beautiful women.

I am truly a regular guy and after a decade of intelligent practice I have become a master with women! Join me and I will teach you how to do exactly the same!


Lets get down to business....

The goal of this bootcamp is simple: To get massive amounts of experience under your belt and have you good with women within a weekend.

Attendees arrive on the first day at whatever level of skill they already have (beginner, intermediate or advanced, it makes no difference), you will walk out on the final day having made tremendous gains!

Why are we able to get these powerful results so quickly?

1. We take you out to shops, the street, bars, clubs and demonstrate how to meet women right in front of you.

2. We will be your personal wingman and meet women together.

3. We will make step by step corrections to your game (what to say, body language, escalation, logistics, everything...)

4. We will give you the continuous specific feedback, that you need to get your life with women and dating mastered.

The bootcamp is structured so that even if you've never approached a woman in your entire life, you'll feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

Whatever skill level you are at we will teach you and approach with you to get you to that next level.

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We Give Continuous Feedback And Break Down What You're Doing Wrong Step By Step

Sometimes we will give you feedback during an approach and instruct you during the pick up......."Isolate" "Venue Change" "Qualify" you get the idea ;) This often makes the difference between a pick up falling flat and the student going on an instant date with a very hot girl.

On this Pick Up Artist Bootcamp you will really appreciate the level of feedback that you are getting on your game. Often this will uncover sticking points that have been holding you back for years. Some examples have been, changes in voice tonality, missing logistics, outer-game issues, over qualifying, under qualifying the girl, building rapour when the girl wanted escalation, losing attraction through DLV, losing personal value during interactions and many more..

The Bootcamp is held on Saturday in the nicest parts of London to meet women:-



Day Game Theory

Learn the real day game model, all the way from Open to Close. Including getting the phone number, instant date and taking her back to your place during the day.


Day Game Infield

You will meet women during the day, on the street, in shops and cafes with your instructor by your side the whole time.


Dinner + Advance Night Game Theory

In this theory session you will learn advanced night game tactics. Any questions you have will be answered, plus there will be a focus on advanced Attraction, Qualification, Escalation and Closing techniques


Advanced Night Game Infield

We are going to hit the BEST clubs and bars that London has to offer! And at last you will be able to put all that theory in to practice with the guidance, help and constant feedback from your very own trainer/instruct who will be with you all the time.


Final Debrief + Feedback

In this session if you haven't already gone home with a beautiful woman the instructors will give you final feedback, homework and a check list of what you should focus on to keep taking your game to the next level.

The theory part to the sessions will take place in a seated area within one of London's Top Venues. You will receive all the knowledge you could need that will allow you to transform into a super natural pick up artist:-

Leaving the remaining time for some hardcore, infield training, we will start many interactions with women whilst I act as your personal wingman, giving you feedback and demonstrating in real time right in front of your eyes. We will talk to women on the street, in cafes, bookstores, bars and nightclubs to demonstrate how to meet women in any place.


pua courseWill Antonio Casanavo be there? Because a lot of other companies fail to have their star instructor on their courses, even though he or she was promised to be there.

pua bootcampYES. I attend EVERY workshop, and will be there for the majority of the bootcamp. I completely understand that you will want me there to help you as much as possible in order to get the results you desire. I also make sure that my star instructors are present at ALL workshops and bootcamps.

pua courseWhat is the Theory to In-Field ratio?

pua bootcampApproximately 1/3 will be Theory Time and 2/3 will be In-Field over Saturday for a twelve hour period.

pua courseCan I get a refund if I don't think it's for me?

pua bootcampYes. We are so confident you will love our training, that if during the first two hours of the bootcamp you actually don't think it's for you. Tell your instructors and get a full refund guaranteed.

pua courseDoes it matter if I am old?

pua bootcampNo. We have taught with all ages, from 18 to 60!

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We keep the places on the bootcamp to a maximum of 8 students, as we believe that 100 percent attention to your needs is essential.You will have the chance to spend time with each instructor that is present on the bootcamp.


Stop Dabbling With Half-Measures And Get Your Dating Life Handled Once And For All, So let’s recap.

We take you by the hand, answer all your questions, give you continual feedback, and show you exactly how to get girls step-by-step as fast as humanly possible. I don’t care if you’ve never approached a woman in your entire life. Or if you’re brand new to the whole idea. Or if you’ve tried in the past and nothing worked.

None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters is your desire to GET THIS AREA OF YOUR LIFE HANDLED

This is stuff that anyone can learn and implement with massive success.  But it will take you a LONG time to “figure it out” on your own through trial and error. It has taken me years of sifting through the community noise, trying every technique both the good and bad ones to get to where I am today.

There is absolutely no good reason why you should want to waste years of your life attempting to cover this same ground. This is a professional level resource.


So Here’s The Deal

For £627 including VAT you get a weekend long Natural Authentic PUA Bootcamp with Inner Game training as well.

This is twelve hardcore value packed hours with a maximum of 8 students per bootcamp.

Your pick up instructors will have around five years infield game experience each. I will not allow an instructor to join the team unless he has at least three years experience though, however good he is!

The instructors will teach you both outer and inner game and then take you out to do Day Game and Night Game, holding your hand and helping your through the process.

This training is the best it can be and that is why I strictly wont let Instructors with less than three years experience teach. I'm a quality control NUT and put my heart and soul into every Bootcamp.

Both Instructors will be In-Field, Winging and Demo'ing right in front of your eyes. Yes that's right it wont be just a lecture and then you are sent out with some approach coaches.

Your Instructors will be by your side Day and Night for the whole weekend giving you help and advice as you go and showing you how it should be done.

Remember… When you see it LIVE you’ll finally have that VIVID UNDERSTANDING of how a guy who’s been pulling women for years lives the kind of crazy lifestyle that he leads – and how you can do it too.

You’ll walk away MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED because your mind will have VISUAL PROOF that it’s possible for an average guy to get hot girls from a totally cold approach.And you’ll have the PRICELESS FEEDBACK that will strip years off of your learning curve and make a huge shift in how other people see you.

But to add some more cool features to this already VALUE PACKED bootcamp, I’ve thrown in a few bonuses that you’ll get a lot out of as well:



FREE, TXT Game E-Book

During a pickup the girl will always tell you how it is possible for you to have SEX with her, so lets take advantage of this.

There will be points during the pickup in which you and the girl will have to go seperate ways and agree to see each other at another point in the future. This is called a 'Time Bridge' or a 'Break' these can occur several times from when you first meet the girl until you have sex.

pua london

Wouldn't it be great if you had a method that if your original interaction was ok you then knew exactly how to get the girl to see you again?

The Text Game E-Book teaches just that, it has a lot of advanced concepts and allows you to know exactly what the girls feelings and comfort levels are, because the text messages are stock material you will make no errors and just run solid game.

Chapter One – The Beginning and Mind set
Chapter Two – Text Message Components 
Chapter Three – Arranging to see her again
Chapter Four – Things to be aware of 

With text the interaction is not happening in real-time so it allows you to think and write the best possible response for the situation, getting this tight will exploded your mid-game into a blaze of glory.

It is probably the most in-depth and easy to follow eBook on Text Game that has ever been released.



FREE Membership to The PUA Method Inner Circle

Free lifetime access to the “PUA METHOD Inner Circle” with regularly updated archives of important information and cool tips and tricks that you can go out and play around with in the field at any time.

Content submitted by the PUA Method Lead Instructors to keep you on point and committed on the women and dating path.

Plus access to cool wings in your local area who get Natural Game and you could add to your social circle or just go out gaming with.



Yes! In these times of economic Darkness, lets shed a little Light. Despite the fact that the economy appears to be on the up we will still give this Massive 1/3 Reduction of £200 to you for a Limited Time Only.

So for only £427.00 inc VAT you get this Value packed weekend which really will help transform your dating life.

Why is it this cheap? This price will only last for a Limited Time Only during the Credit Crunch, providing the deal of a life time





So don’t wait on this.

Find out what date on the schedule is best for you, and make the arrangements to get this handled. We’re highly protective of your privacy so program details, booking information and registration confirmation is emailed to you and kept confidential.

You’ll have the opportunity to absorb all the vital knowledge and absolutely crucial skills that you need to make a real identity level change and have the kind of lifestyle upgrade that will have your friends in disbelief.

If you’ve got the desire to do whatever it takes to get this handled, and the will to work on this together, sign up now while it’s still hot in your mind and use our combined years of teaching experience to get you exactly to where you want to be.

Join me by clicking on a Bootcamp Date below

Peace and Love,

Antonio Adriano Casanavo