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"Who Wants To Be My Personal Wingman While I Teach You Step By Step How To Be Good With Women?"

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Infield Bootcamp, Natural Pick Up Model, Wing Girls, Video Feedback, Best Reviews, Most Fun Weekend You'll Ever Experience!


Lets get down to business....

The goal of this bootcamp is simple: To get massive amounts of experience under your belt and have you good with women within three days.

Attendees arrive on the first day at whatever level of skill they already have (beginner or advanced, it makes no difference), and walk out on the final day having made tremendous gains.

Why are we able to get these powerful results so quickly?

1. We take you out to shops, the street, bars, clubs and demonstrate how to meet women right in front of you.

2. We will be your personal wingman and meet women together.

3. We will make step by step corrections to your game (what to say, body language, escalation, logistics, everything...)

4. We will give you the continuous specific feedback, that you need to get your life with women and dating mastered.

The bootcamp is structured so that even if you've never approached a woman in your entire life, you'll feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

This is truly the best way for you to learn this stuff.


Learning Success With Women Is A Cruicial Skill That Most Men Know Nothing About

Not being able to get something down so fundamentally simple as having choice and success with women drove me nuts for years. Literally for years I had no idea what was wrong with me for not getting what I felt like I deserved out of life, it has taken me many years to get to where I am today.

Not having an abundant choice of beautiful women in your life really can cause a lot of emotional and physical pain. But why is this?

pua bootcamp ukIt's simple, one of our core needs as a man is to share our life with someone we care about, to survive and replicate. Our whole evolution as a species depends on us finding beautiful, intelligent, positive, sexual, adventurous, fun, interesting women to share our lives with.

"Maybe some of you are thinking whoooooah not so fast Kingy! I just want to have a bit of fun." And that is completely fine, I know I do too, but this fun comes from our desire to be able to produce strong, healthy, beautiful offspring who in turn can make us lots of grandchildren.

It really is this simple, all that go to university, get a job, buy a video game is cool, but our main core purpose on this earth is to Survive and Replicate the best we can.

Maybe you can relate to some of these annoyances that I experienced before I got my life with women handled. - Not having options, coming home empty handed, missed opportunities, feeling like something is missing in my life, that empty hollow feeling inside, lacking of confidence, knowing I really could do well if given some professional help in this area, sitting at home feeling lonely, confusion as to why girls would stop feeling attraction towards me.

These emotions and many more: frustration, depression, anger, sadness, unloved, irritation, resentment, dissatisfaction, deserted ness, feeling miserable and cheerlessness, can all come from a person not having their life with women handled.

I know I felt a lot of these in the past. Today I am so grateful though, for the life I have, the confidence I've cultivated and the number of quality women I've shared it with and continue to do so. I feel genuinely like the luckiest man in the world and that is the feeling I want to share with you.

You could just be an open-minded person and view this as a cool thing to do and a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of, and I completely commend and respect that. Learning about social dynamics, developing a really good core inner-confidence, having the skills to surround yourself with the World's most beautiful women is a great thing to take advantage of.

pua bootcamp london

Our PUA Bootcamps London are often the most fun and exciting weekends a person will ever experience in their lifetime. You get to meet a bunch of like minded guys, have a laugh, learn some super powerful natural pick up techniques with your instructors and then meet a load of women in a completely stress free, fun environment.

You can then take away these skills and beliefs with real confidence that you know you can make anything happen.

How great would it feel to have a girlfriend that is perfect for you and who really loves you back?

How cool would it be to have an amazing time with a different girl every night?

How powerful would you feel to be able to talk to your boss in a confident and authentic way?

How great will that pay rise or promotion feel to you?

How proud would you feel being able to show your friends or family your new pick up skills and then maybe help them out a bit too?


Date Name Instructor/s Availability Price Book
28th Nov 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors LIMITED £557
12th Dec 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors Available £557
2nd Jan 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors Available £557

"I number closed quite a few women instant dated a woman and two attractive women I went all the way. I will be going back for another weekend as I'm sure I'll have future questions for the instructors, the bar has been raised as to what I thought was possible, thanks again" - Tim, Essex


We Put You On The Right Path and Give You A Positive Entry Into The Pick Up Game To Build Momentum 

The theory part to the sessions will take place in a seated area within one of London's Top Venues. You will receive all the knowledge you could need that will allow you to transform into a super natural pick up artist:-

Leaving the remaining time for some hardcore, infield training, we will start many interactions with women whilst I act as your personal wingman, giving you feedback and demonstrating in real time right in front of your eyes. We will talk to women on the street, in cafes, bookstores, bars and nightclubs to demonstrate how to meet women in any place, it is usually about 1/3 Theory and 2/3 In-Field.


"Overall, of course it is worth it, in fact if it wasn't I wouldn't have gone for the second time and bringing two of my best friends with me so if someone is thinking on taking one of these bootcamps you wouldn't regret it, sky is the limit" - Jay, Malta


We Give Continuous Feedback And Break Down What You're Doing Wrong Step By Step

Your "game" will have already seen massive improvements from having two nights infield with our instructors, giving you feedback and tweaking your pick up as you go.

Now we will listen and watch your already evolved game and give you those final 5% tweeks after each set.

Can you imagine the level of feedback you will get when its possible for me to hear the whole interaction between you and the girl?

Sometimes we will give you feedback during an approach and instruct you during the pick up......."Isolate" "Venue Change" "Qualify" you get the idea ;) This often makes the difference between a pick up falling flat and the student going on an instant date with a very hot girl.

On this Pick Up Artist Bootcamp you will really appreciate the level of feedback that you are getting on your game. Often this will uncover sticking points that have been holding you back for years. Some examples have been, changes in voice tonality, missing logistics, outer-game issues, over qualifying, under qualifying the girl, building rapour when the girl wanted escalation, losing attraction through DLV, losing personal value during interactions and many more..

Learn From Professionals Whose Job Is To Teach You How To Be Good With Women And Get A Result In You

1. You will remove your Approach Anxiety completely
2. You will get to the point where you will never worry what someone thinks of you.
3. You will have great relationships and friendships with all people not just women
4. You will never run out of things to say, and your own humour will be developed and enhanced.
5. You will build indestructible confidence and inner game.
6. You will have a lot less state fluxes during your nights out
7. You will start becoming be a lot more in the moment
9. You will get more in touch with the real you
10. If you have a hollow feeling that something inside is missing, this will go.
11. You will develop a really un-reactive personality
12. It will allow you to remove negative beliefs and feelings from your past that have been holding you back from reaching your true potential.
13. You will naturally give more value to everyone.
14. You wont need positive responses during the day or night in order to keep your inner game solid.
15. Natural Authentic Game gets better pick up results than any other method out there, Period.


"We Then had a debrief after Kingy & Co showed us some cool street game where they answered all our hundred and one after seeing them all their stuff we were amazed and wanted to know more.........................." - Jack, London

We Give You An Internal Shift In Your Perspective And Make You Feel Much More Confident With Women And Dating

There are a few other PUA Websites out there who do good jobs but the areas where I feel we come completely into our own and stand out are:-

1. The game that we teach will not just give you the skill set to be able to approach and attract beautiful women. It will also enable you to have great relationships with everybody and ultimately a girlfriend to share parts of your life with. This is because this game is sustainable and not a bunch of routines that stop working, you will be so at ease and happy with yourself that girls will be calling you after the "pickup".

2. The Bootcamp is not a one or two day course, but instead a THREE day weekend! Using natural conditioning, you will become part of the pick up arts and see a massive transformation by the end of Sunday. Surrounding yourself with the instructors, their techniques, beliefs and also the kind of women you want to meet. You just can't get that kind of exposure with anything less than three days.

3. During the PUA boot camp you will do meditation and get taught secret deep inner game techniques that increase confidence. The techniques are secret to the public and they were learnt from my time living with monks in Thailand. I will teach you all of these techniques plus teach you how to focus and clear the mind completely to remove negative emotions and reactions. Ever started sweating? turning red? stuttering? fidgeting? my inner game teachings will improve these reactions considerably and I will leave you with the techniques to continue practicing. All the instructors pride themselves on you getting results and also you leaving the weekend with HIGH self-esteem.

4. I'm not good looking and definitely wasn't a natural. I actually know the steps that need to be taken in order for someone to transform from an AFC to PUA. I am not 6,2 and good looking. I hadn't slept with one hundred women before I got into game (more like three women pre-game). I don't have great genetics or big muscles. I am very average and always have been. That is why my ability to now attract, date and keep the the World's most beautiful women is so unique. A natural can't teach what I know because he hasn't had to figure it out. I know the exact steps for all men to be able to reach mastery in this field through experience.

5. All our instructors have over 3 years infield experience of game (ten thousand plus approaches each). Adrian and I have been in game since 2008! Our superior quality and experience is very important, I wont allow anyone to teach on bootcamps with less than a minimum of three years. PUA Method has been running full-time since 2005, we have taught thousands of students and so we know exactly how to get the best out of you. You are going to be trained by the best.

6. We actually teach Natural Authentic Game, helpful conversation starters and attraction spikes will be given if the student needs it (and hey I know I would've needed the extra help too!). The game you will learn will be powerful and un-detectable.

7. We have the option to have model helpers on bootcamp which allow us to work on your communication and body language in real-time without you worrying about "blowing the set".

8. We will cover the correct foods to eat that will give you sustainable energy allowing you to maintain your state throughout the whole day / night, plus how to calm the nervous system.

9. We have genuine reviews from happy customers since 2008. Plus we have reviews from The Sunday Times, The Sun Newspaper and Men's Health Magazine to name a few. We are a proper company who has been running for a long-time. We are consistent because we work harder to get the best student results possible.


"we started to sarge in the bar, a girl seriously asked Kingy to follow her to the toilet upon just 3 mins of chatting....." - Shameless, London


The Most Complete System For Meeting Women And Mastering Your Social Life That You Will Find

The Bootcamp is held over Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Central London:-



7:00pm - 9:00pm (Lecture)


10:00pm - 11:30pm (Infield)


11:30pm - 12:00pm (Debrief)




2:00pm - 3:00pm (Day Game Theory)


3:00pm - 6:00pm (Day Game + Stealth Filming)


6:00pm - 7:00pm (Dinner)


7:00pm - 8:00pm (Shock n Awe)


8:00pm - 10:00pm (Advanced Lecture)


10:00pm - 11:30pm (Advanced Infield)


11:30pm - 12:00pm (Debrief)





2:00pm - 3:00pm (Advanced Day Game Theory)


3:00pm - 6:00pm (Day Game Infield + Wireless Mic)


6:00pm - 7:00pm (Breakdown, Feedback and Continuation of Success)


Date Name Instructor/s Availability Price Book
28th Nov 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors LIMITED £557
12th Dec 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors Available £557
2nd Jan 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors Available £557

"There are quite a few reviews already in this forum about how awesome Kingy is and he really is. He is friendly, modest, he has a great game and he is a great teacher. He looks totally normal and he generates attraction in few seconds just by being. He makes you practice until it is fixed. And moreover he is inspirational" -Hic_et_Nunc, London

Frequently Asked Questions?

QuestionWill I be given any outer game stuff if this is just a Natural Game Bootcamp?

AnswerYes absolutely, as Bruce Lee once said "If you have too much Natural Instinct you will become very un-scientific and if you have too much control then you will become a mechanical man." We shall give you all outer game theory and structure more than you would ever need and then balance that out by bringing out your natural personality and humour which is fully sustainable.


You Will Learn Ultra Confidence As Well As How To Meet Women

Learning a bunch of lines to get woman doesn't make any sense because guess what, it is not sustainable. Eventually you will run out of lines, believe me I've been there before and as soon as that happens confidence goes and the woman will walk off.

Instead we will help develop your own natural humour and then lock it in with some TIGHT Inner Game, you will never run out of things to say, all the girls you meet will want to stay around and be your girlfriend, in fact you will be able to make friends with everybody.

You will be taught the sickest Inner Game knowledge known to man by a Master from the Top Zen School in London This will enable you to become a proper natural and will also SUPER CHARGE the outer game techniques and tactics that are taught during the rest of the bootcamp and ones you know already.

This bootcamp is not in anyway religious and although I am a spiritual person I am not religious, so at no time will religious opinions be pushed upon you. The bootcamp is just about us getting the most out of you, getting you the results you want and totally enriching your life.

QuestionWhat is the Theory to In-Field ratio?

AnswerApproximately 1/3 will be Theory Time and 2/3 will be In-Field over Saturday and Sunday for a twenty hour period.


QuestionCan I get a refund if I don't think it is for me?

AnswerYes absolutely, I am so confident that you will love the weekend that if at any point you tell me during Friday that you don't want to continue you will get a 50% refund and get to finish your training on Saturday.



"Overall then, for under £600 this is some of the best personal development training I’ve done. Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. Men do all sorts of things to be more attractive to women – be in a band, become a DJ, become rich, drive an expensive car – I know I have! Forget all of that rubbish. It is about eliminating your own fears and becoming an expert communicator, and this bootcamp is a great way to get started on both of those things......." - Karim, London


Stop Dabbling With Half-Measures And Get Your Dating Life Handled Once And For All, So let’s recap.

We take you by the hand, answer all your questions, give you continual feedback, and show you exactly how to get girls step-by-step as fast as humanly possible. I don’t care if you’ve never approached a woman in your entire life. Or if you’re brand new to the whole idea. Or if you’ve tried in the past and nothing worked.

None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters is your desire to GET THIS AREA OF YOUR LIFE HANDLED

This is stuff that anyone can learn and implement with massive success.  But it will take you a LONG time to “figure it out” on your own through trial and error. It has taken me years of sifting through the community noise, trying every technique both the good and bad ones to get to where I am today.

There is absolutely no good reason why you should want to waste years of your life attempting to cover this same ground. This is a professional level resource.



So Here’s The Deal

For £797 including VAT you get a weekend long Natural Authentic PUA Bootcamp with Inner Game training as well.

This is twenty hardcore value packed hours in one weekend.

You will have three Instructors with over Three Years infield game experience (probably 8 years each), I will not allow anyone to teach with less than three though.. Teaching you both outer and inner game and then taking your out to do Day Game and Night Game, holding your hand and helping your through the process.

This training is the best it can be and that is why I strictly wont let Instructors with less than three years experience teach. I'm a quality control NUT and put my heart and soul into every Bootcamp.

Both Instructors will be In-Field, Winging and Demo'ing right in front of your eyes. Yes that's right it wont be just a lecture and then you are sent out with some approach coaches.

Your Instructors will be by your side Day and Night for the whole weekend giving you help and advice as you go and showing you how it should be done.


Two Model Helpers to Practice on: ADDED VALUE

There will also be Model Helpers to practice on in a training session, allowing you to experiment with some pick up in a fun, stress free environment with your instructor there by your side.

The feedback will be great as your instructor can really watch and listen up close and give you some pointers as you go, just being around beautiful women will have many added benefits in itself for your game.





Yes! In these times of economic Darkness, lets shed a little Light. Despite the fact that the economy appears to be on the up we will still give this Massive 1/3 Reduction of £200 to you for a Limited Time Only.

So for only £597.00 inc VAT you get this Value packed weekend which really will help transform your dating life.

Why is it this cheap? This price will only last for a Limited Time Only during the Credit Crunch, providing the deal of a life time

Date Name Instructor/s Availability Price Book
28th Nov 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors LIMITED £557
12th Dec 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors Available £557
2nd Jan 6-3 Full Bootcamp: 20 Hours All Instructors Available £557

Looking forward to meeting you in person and exploring the game.

Peace n Love,


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