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Our London Instructors might not be the best looking Pick Up Artists' you've ever seen, but we have great game.


Don’t know what to say when it comes to being around ATTRACTIVE women?

Having attractive women around is one of the great pleasures a master Pick Up Artist ( PUA ) can enjoy, and not having this could leave you with feelings of emptiness, loneliness, frustration, anger and even depression.

How would you like to be able to approach attractive women any time, any place and be able to structure any kind of relationship with her that you so choose? How would you like to have threesomes, date strippers and models? How would you like to have choice with women enabling you to find someone that you really care for and connect with? How would you like to go home with the hottest girl in the club tonight? We will teach you how to become a Master.

We have the best London PUA instructors at PUA Method who teach the skill set to do just that. We focus on RESULTS and we aren't happy unless you are realising your dreams with women. We have a wealth of experience and each instructor has over 3 years of experience teaching pua classes, along with a portfolio of some of the most beautiful women in the world.

We teach a Natural Authentic Pick Up method that WILL get you results. This goes completely undetected and will help you in all areas of your life too by improving your confidence, body language, charisma, humour, self - esteem and skills with women.

95% of people aren’t ready to get their life with women handled and are not able to accept that they could improve themselves especially concerning the area of dating. They aren't ready to make a change, but for the five percent that are, the possibilities are endless. Are you in that top five percent?

PUA Boot camps and Training

Date Name Instructor/s Availability Price Book
10th Dec 3-1 Full Bootcamp - 15 Hours All Instructors Fully Booked £447
7th Jan 3-1 Full Bootcamp - 15 Hours All Instructors Fully Booked £447
21st Jan 3-1 Full Bootcamp - 15 Hours All Instructors LIMITED £447

Our PUA Bootcamps can be found above in "our schedule" which are strictly on a first come first served basis, once the paypal payment completes successfully then the spot is yours. If you are interested in 1-1 tuition with one of our instructors then click the link and choose your options and make a deposit to secure yourself 1-1 personalised training with the instructor of your choice.

What other people are saying about PUA Method..

"Adriano is charming in a non-sleazy way and the students are hanging on his every word. Over the course of the weekend, two of the boys had had sex, the other two had kissed closed girls, and one, the shy squaddie, had been dragged into the girls loo with sexual intent."

The Sunday Times

PUA London

"Minutes later his tongue is in her mouth. By the end of the night, suprisingly every student has scored. Tonight's reward maybe a series of wine-tainted kisses, but the self-esteem that comes with them is the real pull."

Men's Health Magazine

"By closing time, I had three numbers and two 'instant dates' – meaning I took them away from the club and into a quieter location. It really was amazing how easy it was once you're given the tools.."

The Sun Newspaper

"Adriano is Britain's answer to Neil Strauss, and when Adriano walks in... he is utterly wholesome; the kind of guy who always gets the girl."

Marie Claire UK


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